The Graph Council

The Graph Council was introduced in October 2020 as a part of the plans to decentralize the protocol. The members of The Graph Council were inaugurated in December 2020. The Graph Council governs the decentralized Graph Network. A 6-of-10 multisig balances the interests of five different stakeholder groups in the ecosystem: Indexers, token holders, initial team, users and technical domain experts.

The mandate of The Graph Council includes the following core functions:

  1. The Graph Foundation Operations

  2. Grants and Ecosystem Funding

  3. Protocol Upgrades

  4. Protocol Parameterization

  5. Emergency Protocol Operations

In the future, it is planned to further decentralize The Graph's governance, for instance by replacing individual members with nested multisigs or DAOs.

Council Members:


Jim Cousins & Gary Morris


Justin J Moses & Kayvon Tehranian


Santiago Palladino & Yondon Fu


Michael Anderson & Spencer Noon

Initial Team

Brandon Ramirez & Yaniv Tal

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