The Graph Client
The Graph Client was created by core developer TheGuild with the intention of making the dapp-building experience lightning-fast. The Graph Client allows users to query multiple subgraphs and to create a unified view from various data sources.

The Graph Client comes with automatic support for pagination—there’s no need to make multiple queries when fetching larger datasets

Fetch the data needed in the format it is needed it in. Combine NFT & DeFi subgraphs—& others!

The Graph Client combines data from both subgraphs & integrates them in a single place.

Keep your dapp up & running reliably

Keeping the frontend clean & simplifies state management

  • Integration with Apollo Client & Urql
  • Runs in any environment
  • Automatic block tracking
  • Build time optimization
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1. Easily fetch all the data needed
2. Streamline working with multiple subgraphs & querying them as one unified API
3. Parse through data across different blockchains
4. Multiple fetch strategies to gracefully handle Indexer fallback
5. Foundation for client-side mutations
Other noteworthy features