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Graph Advocates

The Graph Advocates is a community-driven initiative serving as a portal into web3 for people all across the world. Advocates have the unique opportunity to learn and contribute to The Graph community and web3 mission. Anyone can become an Advocate and subsequently join the Graph AdvocatesDAO.

Advocate Roles

The Graph Advocates Program empowers members of The Graph’s ecosystem to drive community development and growth by sharing contributions through six different roles types:
  • Event Evangelist
    Host local events, attend regional events, and participate in in-person or online community events.
  • Content Creator
    Create content about web3 and The Graph, including articles, videos, infographics, memes or GIFs.
  • Text Translator
    Translate The Graph and other community documentation, material, and social posts into other languages.
  • Community Care
    Post answers to questions or share educational resources in The Graph Forum, Telegram, Discord, or Reddit.
  • Technical Teacher
    Teach others how to actively participate and contribute in web3 and The Graph ecosystem.
  • Web3 Welcomer
    Accelerate greater education and adoption of web3 and The Graph throughout the world.

Benefits of participating

There are many benefits of participating as an Advocate. The ideal candidate is enthusiastic about building a brighter future, understands The Graph’s vision, and is motivated to contribute and help others.
  • Education
  • Network
  • Events
  • Recognition
  • Affiliations
  • Surprises
Access unique educational opportunities