Indexing & Querying
Documentation for Indexers on indexing and querying

Indexers should expect to receive requests from the following IP addresses:

Indexers can use the following key metrics to evaluate subgraphs. Based on this evaluation, they can decide which subgraphs they index on the network.
Curation Signal
Collected query fees
Amount staked

Curators stake GRT in order to signal to Indexers which subgraphs are of a high-quality and should accordingly be indexed in the network. The strength of the curation signal is an indicator to Indexers about the interest in the curated subgraph.
This is especially true during the bootstrapping phase during which query volume is starting to ramp up.

The future demand of a subgraph can be estimated by assessing historical data about the volume of query fees collected on the subgraph.
Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Therefore, the amount of collected query fees should only be taken into consideration with other factors.
Amount staked
By having a look at the total stake allocated towards a specific subgraph, Indexers are able to gauge the network's interest in it. Doing so helps Indexers to monitor the supply side for subgraph queries.
By means of evaluating the supply side, subgraphs that may need more supply or subgraphs that the network is showing confidence in are highlighted.
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