Reward Statuses

Documentation for better understanding the statuses of rewards in The Graph Network.


The reward status pending refers to your rewards being accumulated in an active allocation by the indexer. It can fluctuate by an increase/decrease of total allocation size by the Indexer but also by time passing by. can be used to see total pending rewards and also pending rewards of an Indexer and of the Delegators of that Indexer.

The rewards in pending are subject to changes of the Indexers indexing and fee cuts. This is a vulnerability that can be exploited by malicious Indexers, see the link to Indexer Behavior below.



The section unrealized shows the final amount of GRT that has been assigned to you. The network automatically add your unrealized rewards to your existing delegation and is referred to as automatic compounding.


Once you have exited your rewards (subject to a 28 day thawing period) you can withdraw your realized rewards. It is important to note that your realized rewards are no longer delegated and do no longer earn rewards.

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