StreamingFast is a protocol infrastructure company that excels at building highly scalable, cross-chain architecture for streaming blockchain data and has received a $60M Core Dev Grant.

The StreamingFast team has proven themselves as experts in building critical infrastructure and providing API services. StreamingFast will contribute its technology, developer talent, and resources to advance The Graph as a protocol and ecosystem. Relevant IP and products will be open-sourced under The Graph Protocol Github repo and API products will migrate to The Graph Network for backend indexing and querying support. As a team dedicated to core protocol development, StreamingFast will work alongside Edge & Node, Indexers, and The Graph community to help with ongoing Graph Node improvements, contribute to governance and the GIP process, and support subgraph feature development.

Introducing StreamingFast

StreamingFast built a scalable platform for processing blockchain data with a particular focus on Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Polkadot, Cosmos, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, and other high throughput blockchains. The team is backed by investors such as Multicoin Capital, Intel Capital, Diagram Ventures, White Star Capital, Panache Ventures, and BoxOne, with a growing community in Asia and North America.

The project began three years ago with a vision to build a traditional SaaS business to serve the needs of blockchain developers, but discovered the power of a community-owned, open-source, and decentralized development to be more effective. StreamingFast saw the passionate developer community working on and using The Graph and decided to become an integral part of the ecosystem, by applying their expertise in high performance data streaming to grow The Graph ecosystem rather than work against it.

"We are philosophically aligned and our powers combined create a one-plus-one-equals-three effect. We’re eager to dedicate our time and resources to the betterment of The Graph and the Web3 ecosystem at large in the years ahead."

- Marc-Antoine Ross, Co-Founder and CEO of StreamingFast.

"Our core IP indexes data orders of magnitude faster, solving the ‘Binance Smart Chain Pancake Problem’ and making it possible for developers to build real-time blockchain applications, dashboards and explorers—even on ultrafast networks like Solana. We hope it helps subgraph and dapp developers build more performant, real-time applications."

Multi-Core Developer Strategy

The Graph’s vision is to build a decentralized network of public data with a decentralized ecosystem of contributors. We strongly believe in a positive sum game for The Graph, where many protocol developers, network participants, builders, and community members can all work together.

Since launching The Graph Network in December 2020, The Graph has brought together hundreds of independent teams and developers with over 150 Indexers and over 7,000 Delegators. Every network participant is aligned around a shared mission - to provide high-quality indexing and querying services using the Graph Token (GRT). As a decentralized protocol, The Graph aligns and coordinates diverse stakeholder groups as the indexing and query infrastructure layer that unifies Web3. We're excited to decentralize core protocol development as well.

"The Foundation and Council are thrilled to welcome the StreamingFast team as Core Developers in The Graph ecosystem. We’ve learned a lot from decentralized governance experiments and protocol development in Ethereum and are dedicated to having many protocol contributors to ensure a decentralized community that is sustainable."

- Eva Beylin, Director of The Graph Foundation

Core Dev Grant Details

StreamingFast will open source their proprietary IP for The Graph community to use and will also be focused on core protocol development, indexing services and performance improvements, multi-blockchain expansion, GIP implementation, and developer education. Additionally, the team will contribute to subgraph development, GRPs and GRCs standards, and support for Web3 development tooling.

The $60M grant will be paid out over 5 years to StreamingFast and includes GRT for StreamingFast’s use in network activities like indexing, delegating, and curating. We are humbled by the interest from blockchain development teams to support The Graph and encourage other builders to join the mission. The grant decision was passed by The Graph Council.

StreamingFast will bring their expertise to help radically improve indexing performance. Blockchains and Indexers on The Graph Network have a need to optimize performance and StreamingFast has experience with critical node infrastructure and customizing Ethereum nodes after completing a BSC hosting tour de force for fast block times as well as winning a $150k bounty from PancakeSwap on BSC. StreamingFast’s support will also assist The Graph to continue executing its multi-blockchain expansion with new blockchains in the pipeline. StreamingFast’s expertise will also be pivotal to inform new subgraph features and improve devex. Developer education and adoption will be another focus area as the teams work in conjunction to grow usage on The Graph Network.

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