Publish a Subgraph to the Decentralized Network

Once your subgraph has been deployed to the Subgraph Studio, you have tested it out, and are ready to put it into production, you can then publish it to the decentralized network.

Publishing a Subgraph to the decentralized network makes it available for curators to begin curating on it, and indexers to begin indexing it.

For a walkthrough of how to publish a subgraph to the decentralized network, see this video.


The decentralized network currently supports both Rinkeby and Ethereum Mainnet.

Publishing a subgraph

Subgraphs can be published to the decentralized network directly from the Subgraph Studio dashboard by clicking on the Publish button. Once a subgraph is published, it will be available to view in the Graph Explorer.

  • Subgraphs published to Rinkeby can index and query data from either the Rinkeby network or Ethereum Mainnet.

  • Subgraphs published to Ethereum Mainnet can only index and query data from Ethereum Mainnet, meaning that you cannot publish subgraphs to the main decentralized network that index and query testnet data.

  • When publishing a new version for an existing subgraph the same rules apply as above.

Updating metadata for a published subgraph

Once your subgraph has been published to the decentralized network, you can modify the metadata at any time by making the update in the Subgraph Studio dashboard of the subgraph. After saving the changes and publishing your updates to the network, they will be reflected in The Graph Explorer. This won’t create a new version, as your deployment hasn’t changed.

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