Everest is a registry of crypto projects and was launched in May 2020 as the first decentralized application built on The Graph. It was intercepted by members of the MetaCartel community in order to better track, support and fund projects in the crypto ecosystem. The vision behind Everest is to showcase the power of subgraphs as open APIs and to prove that competitive applications can be curated in a decentralized manner.
As a go to source for detailed information about projects in the crypto landscape, Everest supports the listing of old projects that are contributing to its the Web3 vision of decentralization. This includes dApps and DAOs but also research organizations, nonprofits and funds.

Use cases

Everest is searchable across 19 high-level categories, which enables several potential use cases for the app.
The projects listed on Everest can be claimed and very fight by their creators, which allows them to include accurate project details and official links.

Sourcing deal flow

Investors are able to source Everest for potential investments.

Discovering new dApps

Everest can be used to showcase and discover new products, dApps and organizations.

Curation experiments

Another functionality of Everest is to test the activity level of members in curating the registry

Everest Subgraph

Projects registered on Everest have an ERC-1056 identity. The metadata of projects and their identities are captured in the Everest subgraph. It is envisioned that dApps use the Everest subgraph in order to use the data in applications such as work applications, events/meetups and news.